World Digital Collection

World Digital Collection consists of over 2530 digital libraries and archives in the world gathered after extensive searches from numerous sources. They cover all subject topics, time periods, geographical areas, as well as languages, and types of media - text, photos, still images, sound, videos, animation, etc.

In addition to the digital collections of large universities libraries and archives, public libraries, museums, and historical archival organizations, also included are rich collections of major international organizations, like UNESCO with its more than 90 Memory of the World websites from over 45 countries; and national libraries like the US Library of Congress and British Library are also included. These collections can be instantly retrieved by searching the metadata fields, such as creator, title, keywords, etc. and results are presented in captured screen images of the home pages. For example, if one searches by typing "Unesco" under "Creator," over 100 webpage screens would be instantly displayed. Similarly, if one types "Library of Congress" under "Creator," over 100 digital collections of Library of Congress would be retrieved instantly and ready for access. One can link Instantly to these pages by simply clicking the URL in "source" field of "Info." When the screen images of an organization or institution are of similar design color and pattern, they can be retrieved instantly via the cutting-edge content-based image retrieval (CBIR), SIMPLIcity, technologies. For most sites, this CBIR retrieval is not as effective for retrieval since there is no consistent design pattern of home pages.

Although we have made great effort in providing this comprehensive world digital collection, omission is unavoidable, particularly in light of the fast-growing pace in this field. Thus, we welcome your contribution by contacting us with the latest information on your website! For now, enjoy the world's rich culture and heritage by clicking the following project label.


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