Emperor Collection

The Emperor Collection consists of over 4000 selected images from Prof. Chen's interactive videodisc and multimedia CD-ROM, entitled The First Emperor of China on the Emperor's 7000+ terracotta warriors and horses. This large number of raw resources have proven to be invaluable to form both Chinese Memory Net (CMNet) and the core collection of Global Memory Net. The interactive videodisc and multimedia CD are part of Dr. Chen's earlier PROJECT EMPEROR-I, supported by the US National Endowment for the Humanities (1983-1986).

The collection has grown rapidly since 2000 to include additional 3000 new images from different relevant sources. Some are taken from publications with permission. In addition to images, some digital videos from the original PROJECT EMPEROR-I products are included. More will be added whenever possible. The descriptive information is available in both English and Chinese. The Emperor Collection serves as a model for integrating multi-format and multi-lingual resources from museums, archives, libraries and personal resources, provides a playground for image retrieval system development and enhancement. Click here for special features of Global Memory Net’s i-M-C-S retrieval system.

This collections include images of several UNESCO's World Heritage sites.

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