Chinese Minority - The Li

This Chinese Minority - The Li image collection deals with the major minority group situated in Hainan Province of China.  In addition to a small number of Global Memory Net's own images, most came from an authoritative book by Xueping Wang, entitled Traditional Culture of Li Ethnic Group, published by the Xinhua Publisher in Beijing in 2001, as a collaborative effort between the University of Hainan (UH) Library and Global Memory Net in the Fall of 2005 when one of UH staff was trained in Boston under the sponsorship of NSF.  Both English and Chinese data were prepared during this period and the collection was prepared using the Global Memory Net system for inclusion.

We are grateful to Xinhua Publisher and Prof. Xueping Wang for their permission, and to our collaborator, University of Hainan Library, for this collaborative effort.

The Li is one of the 55 minority ethnic groups in China.  For other ethnic groups, one can explore:
  • Chinese 56 Ethnic Groups
  • LC's Naxi Manuscripts
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