Project Restore

Project Restore is a collaborative project between Prof. Ching-chih Chen and Prof. Piero Baglioni of The Center for Colloid and Interface Science (CSGI-Consorzio interuniversitario Sistemi Grande Interfase) of the University of Florence. The CSGI Group has developed an innovative chemical nanoparticle technology method for saving cultural relics in paper, fresco, wood, stone, etc. Their work has expanded to cover works of art in various parts of the world besides Italy, and the database of restored images of the works of arts has grown rapidly to several thousands of pre- and post-restored images. In collaborating with Ching-chih Chen, this valuable collection of images and videos with extensive metadata and annotations are added. This unique collection is essential to education and research, but most are not accessible due to the distance and condition of the original artifacts which have been badly damaged through time. This project is to find new ways to enable academic users to access and exploit these significant research collections via a global network.

Project Restore images are not suited for using the cutting-edge content-based image retrieval techniques. This is because the colors of the damaged artifacts, mostly either faded or in dark colors, are substantially different and refreshed after restoration. 

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