Content DevelopmentContent Development

GMNet has involved many research student assistants over the course of this project, and their contributions varied according to the different needs during its many different phases. They include:

2009 to 2010 - Graduate Assistants: Louise Rubin (2010) contributed to the website updates; Jessie Howell (2009) was responsible for some Chinese-related collection development.

2007 to 2008 - Research Assistants working on World Heritage Memory Net also assisted in updating data for GMNet.

2006 - Cynthia Fisher (till May) on content editing and videos; general assistants on metadata preparation and content development include Suwathna Reel, Felicia Au, Amal Piracha, and Julie Wood.

In the second half of 2005, GMNet was fortunate to be able to have 7 visiting researchers from China, Croatia and Vietnam. These include Boris Badurina, University J. J. Strossmayer, Osijek, Croatia; Zhang Hongxia, University of Hainan, China; Li Haiyan, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China; Nguyen Thi Tuan Linh and Nguyen Thanh Son, Vietnam Museum Ethnology, Hanoi, Vietnam; Xiaobo Xiao, Xian Jiaotong University, China; and Shengqiang Zhang, University of Sichuan, Chengdu, China. Each has contributed greatly to GMNet by adding the invaluable and unique collection of each organization which he/she brought to Boston. This is an excellent example of the results international collaboration can produce. Collaboration with Boris Badurina continues to the present after his return to Croatia.

2004 to 2005
- Work on baseline relational database construction, metadata preparation and content development was carried out by Graduate Assistants Peishan Tsai (supervising in 2005), Roslyn Levy, and Julka Grodel, together with Undergraduates Suwathna Reel, Kate Bissonnette, Cody DeSouza, Julia Fisher, Rachel Gould, Arlene Fredericks, Samloth Sreng, and Yan Yan Yii. Image preparation, scanning and processing was conducted by Annie Cain.

2000 to 2003
- Graduate Assistant Hua Wei worked on metadata preparation and content development specifically related to Emperor Project; and Alissa Miller worked on HTML-based Web page development for GMNet's Version 1.0.