LC's Ukiyo_e Collection

LC's Ukiyo_e Collection is a collaborative project between Prof. Ching-chih Chen of Simmons College, Boston and Dr. Hwa-wei Lee, Chief of the Asian Division of the US Library of Congress (LC).

Most of the images of this collection are included in Library of Congress' exhibition entitled The Floating World of Ukiyo-e: Shadows, Dreams, and Substance, which "showcases the Library's spectacular holdings of Japanese "Ukiyo-e" (translated as pictures of the floating, or sorrowful, world) and is the first public viewing of this important and previously unseen collection. Featured are selected Ukiyo-e prints, books, and drawings from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries and other related works from the Library's collections created by Japanese and Western artists into the twentieth century."

Similar to the use of Emperor Project's images, users can explore this image collection by clicking the following project label.

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