LC's Inoh Maps

LC's Inoh Maps is a collaborative project between Prof. Ching-chih Chen of Simmons College, Boston and Dr. Hwa-wei Lee, Chief of the Asian Division of the US Library of Congress (LC).

This unique collection consists of the Library's famous "Inoh Maps" which were recently discovered in the spring of 2001.  These are the first modern maps of Japan created originally by Tadataka Inoh between 1800 and 1821. As stated by Dr. Lee, "copies of 207 of the Inoh’s original 214 sheets in large-scale set (1:36,000) that cover the Japanese archipelago from Hokkaido to Kyushu are in the Library’s map collection. The discovery of these maps in the spring of 2001 has caused great excitement in Japan. In order to make these maps available for exhibition and for online access, all of them have been digitized and sent to the Japan Map Center. A selection of the actual-size reproductions of these maps was on exhibition at the Tokyo National Museum from October 31- December 14, 2003. Some of the original maps will also be loaned and exhibited in Kobe, Sendai, Atami, and Nagoya in 2004."

We are pleased to include these invaluable maps of Library of Congress in Global Memory Net for universal access.

Similar to the use of Emperor Project's images, users can explore this image collection by clicking the following project label. 

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