Saigon Memory

Saigon Memory consists of historical photographs included in a special exhibition, 300 Years of Saigon - 1698-1998, at the General Science Library of Ho-Chi-Minh City in 1998 in celebration of the 300-year anniversary of the city.  Due to the passage of time, many photos have changed in color and are in quite poor physical condition, therefore the quality of images is not high and the result of finding images by content-based image retrieval (CBIR) is not as good since all images have the tinted "pinkish" color and many are line-drawing images.  However the historical value is still significant!

This project is the collaboration between Dr. Ching-chih Chen and Mrs. Nguyen Thi Bac, Director of the General Science Library. We want to thank her for her enthusiasm and her staff for providing some of the initial descriptive information of the images.

Similar to the use of Emperor Project's images, users can explore this image collection by clicking the following project label.

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