UNESCO's World Memory

UNESCO's World Memory is an invaluable collection of about 700 images selected from all projects of the UNESCO's Memory of the World, covering sample images of treasured collections from over 100 countries.   The number from each country is rather uneven, depending on what is available on the current UNESCO's Web sites.

Dr. Ching-chih Chen is grateful to Dr. Abdelaziz Abid, Head of the Memory of the World Program, Division of the Society of Information (Division de la Société de l’information), UNESCO for his collaboration and permission to use these images. We also acknowledge his permission to permit us to restructure the descriptive metadata to our format for the use of the GMNet's i-M-C-S retrieval system, which has enhanced the retrievability and accessibility of the images of these invaluable collections.

Similar to the use of Emperor Project's images, users can explore this image collection by clicking the following project label.

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